Discovering Me

My name is Shante Jones and I decided to begin to make changes in my life to better myself. Each month I plan to write about my goals or changes I have accomplished. I love music and food, so I know I will have post on my two favorite things.I will share business ideas, my financial life, and who inspires me ( I never had a answer until now).

The main goal of this blog is to inspire myself, to inspire others. I am over thirty and realized my life is not going as planned. I begin journaling and venting with friends and family so much, and after still not happy. I woke up one day and realized, in order to be happy with myself, some serious changes have to be made. So the first change I am making is” Discovering Me”.

My April  blog will talk about my goals that I have written down in January. Some goals I have seriously started, and some I have not looked at since then.

I hope my journey will inspire you if your life is not going as planned to keep going with what ever plans you had ten years ago or now!


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