Looking at my Goals this year

On January 1, 2014, I sat down to list my goals for this year. It is March 2014 and like most people I am just now thinking about my goals. I use to do resolutions, but of course never followed through. So I have decided to re-create my goals that are easy to maintain and they are things that I have always wanted to accomplish in my life.
I learned with goals, you have to have an action plan. What does this mean? It means you need to list your goals and have due dates to go along with them. By having due dates, you are more likely to accomplish goals. I never had due dates attached to my goals, so after adding this, I have really been focus with wanting accomplish my goals and dreams.
(Revised Goals to better myself) 2014:
Ongoing Goals
o Create a real saving account ( I have been on top of this since February, and very proud of myself)
o Eating healthy
o Paying Bills on time
o Start a blog
o Travel more ( I am single and I do not do this, and I am striving to do this more)
o Become and Self-taught Interior Designer ( reading books and practicing designing)
o Become a happier person ( I use to be this person, now I feel a lot of negativity and I am striving to become a better person)
o Practice Photography
o Give back ( I have been reading Dave Ramsey books, and this is one thing he strives for. http://www.Daveramsey.com)

Goals with Due dates:

o Debt Snow ball ( This is from Dave Ramsey’s baby step #2) It is a tool to get you out of debt) Due date: March 8, 2015
o Graduate from school ( This is a huge struggle for me, but I am determine this year to finish Due Date: Dec 2014
o Save $3500 for moving cost Due Date: May 15,2014

As I strive to do more in my life, my goals and accomplishments will go in the direction I need them to go. I will check back as I accomplish in my life or if I added a new goal. I will blog next week about SMART goals. I will use my goals doing the SMART goal method. This method seems more detailed then what I have already created, so I will try another method and SHARE! Thanks for following me on my journey. Let me know your goals and changes you’re making this year.


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