My Love For Pinterest!

I am fairly new to the blogging world. So I decided to switch up my ideas for my blog for the rest of March and half of April. I want to explore different areas in which I love, but also things that fulfill my life and have meaning. I will still blog about my life and growth, but I am also going to blog about my favorite things and more. I decided to start with my love for Pinterest.
I have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (I never use), and Pinterest account. The one social media account I love and use non-stop is Pinterest. I pin all day, everyday. Some might say I have an addiction, what I say is that I have a “LOVE” for cool and inspiring things. Being on Pinterest I feel I have a connection with my followers. I comment on a lot of their things and they comment on mine. Although, I have many boards, I’ll admit in the beginning of creating the boards, I had no clue of what I was really doing. However, I now feel like a pro and help my family and friends with creating their boards. My recommendations for all pinners are 1. MAKE SURE THE LINK WORKS 2. IF IT IS AN ARTICLE THAT YOU REALLY LOVE, PIN FROM THE ORIGINAL SITE 3. LOVE YOUR BOARDS…
Here are some of my favorite boards on my page. I get my pins from YouTube, Blogs and of course repinning others. I do try to get a lot from the original source (I strive to do this, especially when I follow someone ex. A blogger, articles I love ( etc., but I do re-pin a lot of humor, designs, and things from group boards (I’ll be honest).
• Fashion& Beauty Tips
• Financial Tips I will Try
• Household Tips, Organizing, & Gadgets
• Lines I Like & Humor
• Foods, Salad and Baking Dreams
• Party Ideas
• Decorating Ideas, Tips & Art for the Home
I love all my boards, but I take pride when pinning to these boards. I chose the names of my boards by what I figured I would pin to each one. My boards to me are all “Inspiration” for me to try now or later. I am working on growing Office Space/Organization/Useful Tips and Blogging Inspiration and Ideas Board. These two boards are helping me with my newly found dreams and I am sure they will help other people who are searching for inspiration too.
*What are your favorite Pinterest boards on your pages? Thanks for exploring my blog page. I am looking forward to reading your answers, feedback and even your blogs!!!


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