A Much Needed Mini-Vacation

March 30, 2014
This past weekend I went on a mini trip to San Bernardino. I traveled from San Leandro, California to San Bernardino,California. This was a much needed trip and also one of my goals, which is to travel more. Although, the purpose of the trip was to see “The Wiz” musical (which I’ll discuss in the next paragraph), I felt by not having so many “plans” allowed me to relax, enjoy my Spring Break, and enjoy a quiet environment. I think what also helped me prepare for this trip, was “FINALLY” having myself together and being organized. (I was actually ready before Friday morning).

On my way to San Bernardino

On my way to San Bernardino

Here is what I did to prepare myself for a mini vacation:
• Two weeks ago I purchased a (Betsey Johnson, duffle bag from Nordstrom’s Rack) $69.99
• Last week I went to Target, and purchased a toothbrush holder, soap holder, travel size mouth wash, cetaphol face cleanser and put it in a small travel bag ( I purchased for $5.00 at Old Navy) The same night I put everything inside of the bag (even toothbrush, it was brand new)
• 3/26 I packed all my clothes and undergarments
• 3/27 I decided to pack towels and wash clothes ( I did not want to assume the hostess would have extra) sounds crazy I know. I also texted the driver to double check departure time and put it in my phone.
• 3/28 (Departure Day) I woke up at 5:30 (early) we were leaving at 8:30. I put my bags by the front door. I took a shower, got dress, and coffee was made (YES!!!!). I continue reading a book called “Blog Inc” by Joy Deangdeelert (Very Helpful). I got the (on my way text), so I grab my bags, looked around, went outside and waited.
We had snacks already in the car that actually last until we got back home (very smart). We made one stop after the Grapevine in Los Angeles, and we were on our way. This was needed for gas, bathroom and stretching (Important if you do not want grumpy people in your car).

What I enjoyed about the trip?
The purpose of the trip was to see the musical called “The Wiz”. We saw this even on Saturday evening at the Beverly Hills High school (very nice auditorium). These high school students worked there tails off, because they sure put on a stellar performance. From there stage performance to the dancing and singing. The choreographing was PHENOMENAL!!! The Orchestra and Costumes were fabulous too…I wish this musical (by the students) was on Broadway, so the world could see it, the way I did.

Wrapping it up…..
The overall experience was fantastic. The weather was perfect…All the food I ate was great..(B.B.Q, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Five Guys and more…It was relaxing because it was free flowing (not on a schedule), which can make a (person need a vacation after a vacation) if you know what I mean. I have not took a trip in such a long time, so this trip was much needed and I can add this to my goals as trip number#1(this year)..with many more to come.
Where will I travel next?………………………Come back and see!!!

“Travel brings power and love back into your life ”~Rumi (Goodreads.com)


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