The Reinvention of “My Blog”

April 10, 2014

I have been blogging for over a month now, and the flow of my blog has not gone the way I thought it would go. I decided to take a week off from writing, to do more research on learning about the “how to” of blogging. I discovered through reading books, articles, and other blogs that I need to “Reinvent My Blog”. Through this journey I discovered I wanted to make changes with my style of writing, postdates, and topics.

My Action Plan:
I have decided I am going to start posting three times a week. There is so much I want to say, and one post will not cut it.

Here is my new plan:

*Sunday: I am going to talk about my finances, health, or anything that is going on in my life I feel I want the world to know. I will also try DIY’s and post them and other tutorials. (Very Excited)

*Tuesday: MUSIC/TELEVISION SHOWS/ AND MOVIES….This is what I love!!! I live for these things, why not speak about what I love….(Super Excited)

*Thursday: Fashion (My Perspective) This post will be a challenge I am ready for. I love to wear Converse, Jeans, and various shirts (Boring I know). Here’s the thing—–“I love clothes, shoes, etc.” I either cannot afford to buy them or I just do not feel “confident” about myself. I think this particular piece will inspire myself and hopefully other people too. It will allow me to step out of my comfort zone of fashion, and become the Fashionista this (Pisces girl) was born to be!!! I plan to do a lot more shopping or just browse magazines, malls or boutiques, and see what is “trending”. (So Excited)

I am extremely excited about this process of making changes of my blog. I have to thank Pinterest and Google+ for all the helpful articles and other blog inspiration. I am really excited for my first NEW post this Sunday…..


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