April 13, 2014

I am currently in my 30’s and some days I struggle with past decisions and regrets. One of my biggest regrets is not finishing my college degree. This past Friday afternoon I went to Starbucks, to kill time. I sat down and pulled out my little green Martha Stewart notebook and pen I had purchased off a website called ”Nikris Designs”, and had my tall Mocha. I began to stare at the other people around me and started to think about my life.

I began to write random words and sentences down, but it turned out to be my post for today. I decided out of the blue on Friday, I want to go back to school this summer and enroll in a grammar class. Although, I have three major classes I need to complete for my degree, I seriously need help with my grammar. Since, my dream is to continue working with kids by day and become a writer/entrepreneur by night, it is time I brush up my skills.

My plans of returning to school are not going to be easy, with what is currently going on in my life now. This is something that I need to do for “myself” and I am willing to make huge sacrifices to see my dreams come alive. I have a goal to write an E-book and maybe expand it to something big. With a writers mind, I do not think anyone wants to read a book with several errors. Since it was actually quiet at this particular Starbucks, writing seemed like an easy thing to do.

As I sat down looking at the details in the table at Starbucks, I felt this urge to just write how I was feeling about my decision to go back to school. As the ink flowed from new pen to paper, all these inspirational words inspired me more to register and become a student again. Although, I wish I did this 12 years ago, that was the past and I cannot change anything. I just have to move forward with my current goals to better myself and finish one goal at a time. I know going back to school at my age is not going to be a piece of cake, but it is a slice I am willing to try!!!

My advice:

To any adult who has dreams or goals they really want to do or complete, sit down and ask yourself a few questions. After you answered the questions think about how you feel and what steps you are willing to take to follow your dreams and goals!!!
• Where do you see yourself in a year? (Short –term goal that can be expanded)
• What is it that you enjoy doing? (Job related ,hobby, etc.)
• What is your life plan? ( Write this out in detail)
• What motivates you? (What makes you get up in the more and do what you need or want to do?)
• Write more questions and keep it in a journal. Take the journal out daily and continue to add, goals, quotes, or just words to inspire you to move forward with your OWN life.

I wish I asked myself these questions when I was younger, but you know what I didn’t and it is time for me to move on. I am learning to finally put my past behind me and move forward to continue working towards my goals.

“Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others” Unknown


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