What I have learned about Blogging….


April 27, 2014
Blogging for me has not been as easy as I thought, however I am not giving up. I love to write and becoming a blogger, this is a must. My overall struggle I have come to realize it my scheduling and getting the work down. I realize after reading other blogs and Pinterest pins, I am learning I have missed a lot of steps and notice my work is not as great as it should be. I am not one to compare my blog to others, but I do know great blogs when I read them, and I am striving to get my blog on that level.

I am on Pinterest, Bloglovin, LinkedIn, and Google+ researching useful tips and inspiration. One tip that I am holding on to and in the process of creating is a (Blog editorial calendar). I think this is part of my problem; just not having things written down or scheduled out, and really just NOT HAVING A PLAN…woke me up to make major changes.
In my research I discovered useful tips that will help me not only get organized to create my blog vision, but tips that will help me grow personally as a blogger. Here is a list of tips I complied from several websites and some I created on my own:
1. Creating an editorial planner ( This is a must for any blogger to succeed)
2. Creating a written out schedule ( some people color code, some people do it on a computer or app form)
3. Factoring a specific time to work on blog and edit
4. Creating a quiet work space
5. Research, Research, Research (When you are stuck, this tip is very important. I look for tips and topics. I usually create my own, but sometimes it might be good to see what the hot topics are.)
6. Media Kit ( I am still researching this)
7. Be patient!!!

I believe once I sit down and do the work before putting out just any type of post, I think more people will enjoy my blog and have great comments and positive feedback. I have begun to create my calendar and schedule. I am currently working on strategic goals (not simple goals). I want to plan my blog goals out in pencil and on a spreadsheet. I have big plans, but having them visually will allow me to work towards helping my blog grow. I have great things to write about, but it all about creating that time to make it come alive. When I follow all the tips I am learning, I truly believe ChangingasIgrow.com will be big. I just have to be organized, have patience, and watch it all happen!!!
Helpful Blogs and Websites:
My new scheduled blog post dates are: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays…
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