My Poppin Supplies!!!

My love for office supplies has truly increased. I recently came across a promotional email for office supplies from a company called “Poppin”.


I took a look at the website and was immediately drawn to the colors that “popped” and the designs. As I was scrolling through the website, I notice the “gold color story” in office supplies, and purchased a small notebook and a envelope. I couldn’t just check out without completing my pen fetish and added there signature ballpoint pens to complete my order. The pen writes really smooth, I know this because I write with particular pens and it has to grip a certain way for me to love the pen and continue to use it.


Assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens

The checkout was easy and the delivery was fast. I will order from this site again. Poppin is also available at Staples office supplies, with a limited selection.

*Note: this is my own review and my thoughts I wanted to share, with other office supply lovers….


Shante Jones


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