My writing tool(s)

As I go through the process of creating a children’s book….I think of all the things that will help me get through the process, besides “(Google)”…

I know I am in need of a quiet writing space, but I ask myself,what else will help me be more productive with my writing and the process..


The answer I came up with is “My Pen”. It’s all about the proper pen. I believe it allows the words to flow, from pen to paper. You are able to see your own words come alive on paper.

The pen I used is special to me, because I paid a little more than one might pay.Here’s the thing…If you love writing then it really shouldn’t matter how much a pen (or any writing tool cost). I ordered the pen I use off a website, called I was inspired by the colors and the creativity, which lead me to purchase the writing tool.

I have two pens from the site, but this particular pen, I feel as though I continue to flow when I am writing.

So, what I am saying to you my fellow writers and readers…Although you will end up typing out whatever it is your writing, before this stage, choose a good pen…and just write…Let the words just flow and create a master piece and more.

Shante Jones
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