Moving forward with my writing….

Just wanted to do a mini blog about where I am as a writer and my children’s book….Well………..

I am actually moving forward…I am so excited because, after doing research with other children’s book I came to the conclusion not to beat myself up just yet….

I know the direction my book is going, but I wasn’t picking up a pen to take it down that road….

So I have to thank the fellow bloggers who just have amazing post to read daily, but one in particular who just gives the best tips and her writing pieces are phenomenal(Lynette Noni)…Her piece today was one of the reasons for me to move forward today…I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I felt inspire to just WRITE!!!!

I know the age of my target audience, but now it is really time to put the pen to paper…So again thanks to the fellow bloggers for your amazing stories and tips for other writers…because I am a thorough reader and your writing is inspiring to me.

Shante Jones


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