I have began to write a children’s book based off of various kids in my everyday life. I took a bit of a writing break, and kind of regret it because I was flowing two weeks ago, and just stopped. I felt stuck, but also notice (I the writer was getting bored)…let me say this again. ..”I the writer was getting bored with my own writing”… The second part of the story just wasn’t flowing like the beginning…so I just stopped…

I began to read” The Business of Writing For Children” by Aaron Sheppard. There was so many helpful tips for me to want to get back in my writing groove. So my assignment I am giving myself tonight through Wednesday is to continue reading children’s books and just write without stopping.

I will post my progress by Thursday and also a snippet of the beginning of my story for feedback. Thanks again to all the other amazing writers whom I follow as well as other bloggers for all the inspiration from reading your blog post.

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Shante Jones


6 thoughts on “Write,Write,Write!!!!

  1. Like w any ‘job’, I need to break writing up a bit..sometimes it’s talking w people, other times researching and living, other times doing the actual output. I’m a bit like u..I can’t write all the time, non-stop, day after day..I have phases, and mix the phases up w different learning that support me during a new writing phase. If I force the writing too much it’s often not good anyway, and so is a waste of time, but that’s just me..:)


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