My Goals for August (Writing and More)

It’s Saturday August 9,2014..Wow!!! The month is in full swing. I thought I would talk about my goals and some of my dreams for this month that leads into September…I have been working on my writing with a lot of distractions in my way. I am trying to work on myself, so I am looking at these distractions as lessons and motivation to continue to do what I love and also to following my dreams.


My goals for August:
1. Continue to draft my children’s book. I was almost finished but I was not in love with some parts, so I am making major edits. As I am finishing one book, I dreamed of another. So I woke up and wrote the title down to start with.

2. Meditate in the morning and or at night. I think this will help with my focus.

3. Use the internet. Well what does this mean. For me it means, I will utilize it for inspiration and resources. I will work on not using it just for (fun) purposes. My thoughts are since Im working on creating a book and other business opportunities, then it is time I cut back on (fun surfing). I have been to look at this process as MY JOB…

4.Write,Write,Write….I will write more..if it is two lines a night. Whether I am just brainstorming ideas. I will put pen to paper and just write.

5. I will continue to read other blogs on WordPress or watch my inspiring YouTube videos, and leave comments that inspire others with positive words.

6. Last goal is to continue to focus on ME! Follow my dreams…and keep pushing to move forward with my goals and my life…I am working erasing all negative thoughts and people in my life, so I can grow within. I wake up now saying affirmations and look at my vision board I created. I am beginning to surround myself with motivation.


For the month of September my number one goal is to have a final draft of my book and business plan….

Thanks for reading….Enjoy your weekend and have a beautiful upcoming week!!!


2 thoughts on “My Goals for August (Writing and More)

  1. All good goals! Number six for me is particularly important..shedding people and things in our lives that aren’t supporting us to achieve our goals..I used to think this was harsh but have come to see it is necessary to make room for helpful things 🙂


    • Thanks! For me number six is the toughest decision I’m going to make, but I’ve been feeling like it’s some we as humans have to do because some people just continue to block you from goals and you don’t not realize it until it’s to late


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