Thoughts when I’m writing….

Just a small post before I get my day started….

I’ve been working on my draft of the children’s book…and I have found myself overthinking about the (what if’s)…
…What If no one likes it
…What If no one buys it
…What If I hear a child say…this is boring..
I wonder what my emotional reaction will be…
So as I continue to write and edit..I try to block the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts…because at the end of the day…”I” the writer should fall in love with my work first…then hope everyone else will fall in love after me….

I hope everyone is having an amazing beginning September….


One thought on “Thoughts when I’m writing….

  1. It’s tough. While I wait for my ‘rejections’ ( Okay so I try and stay positive, but you know..) it has been difficult to get into book two. I’m sure it will click soon that I just have to keep going. I don’t think my creative side will allow me to give up! Good luck!


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