My name is Shante and I have been working on starting a blog since March. let’s just say I believe I have finally found my “niche”. I am simply going to blog about my current adventures in simply writing a children’s book.

I write because it is therapeutic for me. I chose to start blogging,because I enjoy reading what others are writing about, so I figured why not do the same.

I am currently writing children’s books that I hope to inspire kids in there daily lives, play, or just a pick they want to read.I am writing books on topics I see with the kids I work with. I feel that’s the motivation I need to write a book first hand.

My blog has changed frequently because I have tried to follow what others were doing. One day I realized that’s not who I am or what I enjoy writing about. This blog with follow my writing process and the journey it will take me to complete my book(s).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shante, thanks for visiting me at versusblurb. Good luck with your writing and I’m glad you got in touch with what you really want to do and you’re realising that dream. I look forward to reading more updates on your progress 🙂


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