Thoughts when I’m writing….

Just a small post before I get my day started….

I’ve been working on my draft of the children’s book…and I have found myself overthinking about the (what if’s)…
…What If no one likes it
…What If no one buys it
…What If I hear a child say…this is boring..
I wonder what my emotional reaction will be…
So as I continue to write and edit..I try to block the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts…because at the end of the day…”I” the writer should fall in love with my work first…then hope everyone else will fall in love after me….

I hope everyone is having an amazing beginning September….


Oh….How a simple quote can inspire someone..


I was doing my evening Pinterest browsing…and came across this quote…What can I say about the words that flow freely from this quote, that makes me want to stay up an extra hour and just WRITE!

Yes one little quote has that much power to push me and continue to follow my dreams. If you read my August goals, I am striving to write more everyday. Tonight was not the night to really write, but I got a boost of energy to put my pen to paper before I go to sleep (and get out of my own way)…and continue to become a writer!!!

My Goals for August (Writing and More)

It’s Saturday August 9,2014..Wow!!! The month is in full swing. I thought I would talk about my goals and some of my dreams for this month that leads into September…I have been working on my writing with a lot of distractions in my way. I am trying to work on myself, so I am looking at these distractions as lessons and motivation to continue to do what I love and also to following my dreams.


My goals for August:
1. Continue to draft my children’s book. I was almost finished but I was not in love with some parts, so I am making major edits. As I am finishing one book, I dreamed of another. So I woke up and wrote the title down to start with.

2. Meditate in the morning and or at night. I think this will help with my focus.

3. Use the internet. Well what does this mean. For me it means, I will utilize it for inspiration and resources. I will work on not using it just for (fun) purposes. My thoughts are since Im working on creating a book and other business opportunities, then it is time I cut back on (fun surfing). I have been to look at this process as MY JOB…

4.Write,Write,Write….I will write more..if it is two lines a night. Whether I am just brainstorming ideas. I will put pen to paper and just write.

5. I will continue to read other blogs on WordPress or watch my inspiring YouTube videos, and leave comments that inspire others with positive words.

6. Last goal is to continue to focus on ME! Follow my dreams…and keep pushing to move forward with my goals and my life…I am working erasing all negative thoughts and people in my life, so I can grow within. I wake up now saying affirmations and look at my vision board I created. I am beginning to surround myself with motivation.


For the month of September my number one goal is to have a final draft of my book and business plan….

Thanks for reading….Enjoy your weekend and have a beautiful upcoming week!!!



I have began to write a children’s book based off of various kids in my everyday life. I took a bit of a writing break, and kind of regret it because I was flowing two weeks ago, and just stopped. I felt stuck, but also notice (I the writer was getting bored)…let me say this again. ..”I the writer was getting bored with my own writing”… The second part of the story just wasn’t flowing like the beginning…so I just stopped…

I began to read” The Business of Writing For Children” by Aaron Sheppard. There was so many helpful tips for me to want to get back in my writing groove. So my assignment I am giving myself tonight through Wednesday is to continue reading children’s books and just write without stopping.

I will post my progress by Thursday and also a snippet of the beginning of my story for feedback. Thanks again to all the other amazing writers whom I follow as well as other bloggers for all the inspiration from reading your blog post.

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Shante Jones

Moving forward with my writing….

Just wanted to do a mini blog about where I am as a writer and my children’s book….Well………..

I am actually moving forward…I am so excited because, after doing research with other children’s book I came to the conclusion not to beat myself up just yet….

I know the direction my book is going, but I wasn’t picking up a pen to take it down that road….

So I have to thank the fellow bloggers who just have amazing post to read daily, but one in particular who just gives the best tips and her writing pieces are phenomenal(Lynette Noni)…Her piece today was one of the reasons for me to move forward today…I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I felt inspire to just WRITE!!!!

I know the age of my target audience, but now it is really time to put the pen to paper…So again thanks to the fellow bloggers for your amazing stories and tips for other writers…because I am a thorough reader and your writing is inspiring to me.

Shante Jones

A Inspirational Quote…that pushed me to write!!!


I was doing my daily Pinterest browsing, and came across this quote above. I was inspired by the words, but also the last line…” You keep writing anyway.”…

When I read it the first time, what it actually did for me was allowed me to pick up my writing notebook, pen, and my book about writing, and just begin  to write.

I started writing on Friday night a rough draft of a children’s story ( A 5 part mini chapter book), that I was okay with, but I knew I wasn’t in love with it (if this make sense). I knew I would scratch out a lot and make minor changes. Before I did this, I was actually going to throw the towel in and just stop, but I came across this quote and it actually motivated me.

So tonight, before I go to bed I will open my notebook, and rewrite my story with the goal to finish by Sunday and post Part One.

* Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you to write?

Shante Jones

My writing tool(s)

As I go through the process of creating a children’s book….I think of all the things that will help me get through the process, besides “(Google)”…

I know I am in need of a quiet writing space, but I ask myself,what else will help me be more productive with my writing and the process..


The answer I came up with is “My Pen”. It’s all about the proper pen. I believe it allows the words to flow, from pen to paper. You are able to see your own words come alive on paper.

The pen I used is special to me, because I paid a little more than one might pay.Here’s the thing…If you love writing then it really shouldn’t matter how much a pen (or any writing tool cost). I ordered the pen I use off a website, called I was inspired by the colors and the creativity, which lead me to purchase the writing tool.

I have two pens from the site, but this particular pen, I feel as though I continue to flow when I am writing.

So, what I am saying to you my fellow writers and readers…Although you will end up typing out whatever it is your writing, before this stage, choose a good pen…and just write…Let the words just flow and create a master piece and more.

Shante Jones
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